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December 12 2012

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November 06 2012

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October 31 2012

Reverse VNC on RaspberryPi

# apt-get install vncviewer
$ DISPLAY=:0 vncviewer -listen 0 -fullscreen -x11cursor

Other PC:
$ x11vnc -connect <IP/HOST>:5500 # use -noxdamage if compiz/gnome3/... in use
# -scale WxH to scale your desktop on the raspberry Pi

Source: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=299489

October 23 2012

Control LED on Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision

How difficult can it be to control the LED of a webcam?
Not at all, at least if you have a Logitech Quickcam (uvcvideo).

Just install libwebcam (http://sourceforge.net/projects/libwebcam/) and use the following commands:

uvcdynctrl -i /usr/share/uvcdynctrl/data/046d/logitech.xml
uvcdynctrl -s 'LED1 Mode' 0
#to deactivate the led, or
uvcdynctrl -s 'LED1 Mode' 1
#to activate it
# 2 for blinking
# 3 for auto

use -d videoX to specify the device (default: video0)

# print all controls and possible parameter
uvcdynctrl -c -v

see "man 1 uvcdynctrl" for more infos

It should be easy to use the blinking mode as notification (chats, emails, ...)

October 07 2012

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Ayyyyyyyyy Sexy Latte!!
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<Arbeitgeber> Können Sie in Java programmieren?
werber> Natürlich, aber Sie bezahlen die Reisekosten.
<Arbeitgeber> Wir melden uns.
ibash.de - Zitat #55698
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September 18 2012

Django Full Serializers

The wadofstuff.django.serializers python module extends Django's built-in serializers, adding 3 new capabilities inspired by the Ruby on Rails JSON serializer. These parameters allow the developer more control over how their models are serialized. The additional capabilities are:
  • excludes - a list of fields to be excluded from serialization. The excludes list takes precedence over the fields argument.
  • extras - a list of non-model field properties or callables to be serialized.
  • relations - a list or dictionary of model related fields to be followed and serialized.

September 16 2012

what are we waiting for?
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September 11 2012

August 31 2012

I'm lying in the ocean, singin' your song
that's how you sang it
Every time I close my eyes, it's like a dark paradise
It's like a dark paradise

inspired by dark paradise, this version :[link] is much better, in my opinion.. much darker, and.. more emotional
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I don't know what actually has gotten into me
partially inspired by [link]
Kurt/Kitty - ANIMAL
Just a sketch - because I'm not sure If I manage to colour it - I tried colouring today and It came out awful!

but to the point.

I usually don't ship hetero pairings. Cause most of those are boring to death /especially in anime, ugh D: /
But after watching x-men evolution.. UGH
Kurt and Kitty are so perfect.. friends, you know asljdkd
It's like a perfect bromance between male and female, though they act kind of flirty, ( especially Kurt, who definitely has a crush on her) - they're like platonic marriage.
(and I fucking love how they mock jean and scott [link])


Also, not only as a pairing, I love them as friends - they're super fun to watch, and episodes with Kurt and Kitty are the most entertaining in the series, imho ; 3 ;
After going through almost wholeNightcrawler tag on tumblr and seeing bits of kurt and kitty friendship. Just makes me go awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I'd love to see the two of them ending up together, but.. I think they'd have to ruin it somehow after some time, and.. I don't know. Maybe they're not together in the series, but there's something I know - whoever they'd end up with, in the end, they'll love each other the most, I don't care if in platonic or romantic way :T
How should I know, I'm just a marvel noob- maybe, but I still now that they're perfect orz''

Lawl. shipping it really feels like slash pairing
did i mention I have a huge crush on Nightcrawler? okthxbye

Inspired by this wonderful vid : [link]
(one of) the reason(s) why i love them so much : [link]

Sorry for bothering you with my fangirl crap, but... UGH

Because *Super-Nat is making some slideshows, and she wanted my ruspols /ugh;___; and she let me choose which she can use, because I don't want my shitty old crap to be seen in slideshows . _ .
So I drew this - it's not the best thing I've drew but luckily (?) not the worst either.

And, because I fell in love with "Animal" ([link] )

Oh-oh I want some more ~
Oh-oh what are you waiting for~?
take a bite of my heart tonight ~

Oh I won't sleep toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
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